Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pay it Forward

I got this from Bint (The life of Bint) who got it from someone else..I like the concept - the world needs a little more kindness.

"The idea is that random acts of kindness are given without expecting anything in return. Just passing on the kindness, hoping that your recipients will do the same and forming a never-ending chain of kindness.

I promise to make and send a gift to the first 3 friends who comment on this post requesting to join in and promising to Pay it Forward to 3 other people etc..... I don't know what my gifts will be but I promise to send them within the next 365 days. What you then have to do in return is to promise to Pay it Forward by making the same announcement and promise on YOUR blog."


  1. Thats such a nice idea!!! Im going to put it on my Blog too...which is -


  2. Hi Sonata. I just found your blog on Binty's. Just wanted to say hi! Lynda xx